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Bioware: Mobile is going to be huge

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According to Bioware mobile platforms are going to be as important as consoles for its product strategy in future.

Bioware’s co founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk, believes that the mobile market has maturated hugely since the studio’s Mass Effect tie-in with Galaxy mobile.

“Mobile’s going to be one of the dominant platforms going forward,” he said. “It’s going to be right up there with anything else – it already is in a sense.”

Free-to-play on a mobile is really big at the moment. Hence mobile is being taken pretty seriously.

This follows comments made by Zeschuk and Muzyka during a recent interview with, where they attributed Bioware’s success to its ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

According to Zeschuk:

“The opportunities are greater than ever. Even when there’s flux, that’s when opportunity occurs, and if you’re one of those people that grab that opportunity then that’s a great place to be.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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WordPress jobs listing plugin to supercharge your recruitment

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WordPress jobs listing plugin – get it now for free! Courtesy of the exceptional people who built it over at

First off, apologies for my long silence.. We have been mad busy over the past few months and I just want to say if you have any feedback or suggestion on our site just leave a comment. I know could be much more powerful than it is, so I’ll post a survey or something of the sort later on as I’d appreciate your input.

Since we publish jobs and we proud ourselves in doing so for free, I want to share something with you which could be useful to a lot of games companies out there. We all know that WordPress is very popular (60 millions users??) and I’ve actually noticed that a lot of games companies have WordPress powered sites. That said, the awesome guys over at have built a great looking app to super charge your recruitment process with social media integration, analytics and ATS on steroids. All presented in a simple and elegant UI which you’ll love. You can sign up on their website for a free plan or a pro plan, which is only €24 per user, per month.

However, if you’re a WordPress user, you can simply download the free plugin, courtesy of the folks at Zartis, and start managing your applicants through WP right away.

I think this guys are onto something big, so make sure to get in there quick – before they realise it’s mad to give away this WordPress jobs listing plugin for free!!!

Also featured on:

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Social media guidelines – Your business’ virtual safety

I feel that despite the digital media trends, there is an aura of uncertainty and obscurity around the social media policy subject.

My mission today is to try and make a bit of clarity for you.

First of all, to clear some of your doubts watch this video made by the Victoria department of Justice (Australia), which objectively looks at some of the most important points you need to consider in such a policy.

It lasts about 4 minutes and you get a cool soundtrack to it.

Also, here is some useful piece of information and numbers to ponder on.

1- Probably be old news at this stage, but let me remind you that just over a year ago a Morgan and Stanley report predicted that the mobile internet will soon overtake desktop/fixed internet access. This will happen within 5 years. Well, at this stage, 4 years.

2- If that isn’t enough, reports have shown that Facebook’s 7.5 million unique mobile users spent 2.5 billion minutes on its site in December 2010 alone.

3- As of April 2011 Facebook achieved another milestone, it now has 50.09% of US population as active members.

4- Approximately 62 million U.S. Internet users — that’s 27% of the total Internet-using population in the U.S. — will play at least one game on a social network on a monthly basis this year, a 15% increase from 2010.

5- Approximately 70% of Facebook users are based outside the US, with nearly 30 million of these being in the UK. Europe has also shown to have the highest growth in social media reach across world regions.

The data I’ve shown you is overwhelming, but if we also take a look at the games industry in the UK, 28 million UK internet users are casual gamers – amounting to 67% of all internet users (The UK National Gamers Survey).

  • 20 million of those use their mobile handsets to play games on
  • More than 40% of time spent on Facebook is spent on playing social games. 19% of game players even claim they are “addicted” to social games

I think Facebook leads by example here and you probably feel a little bit more clarity has been made on why it is pivotal to consider the implementation of social media guidelines for both the employer and employees virtual safety.

If you don’t have a progressive social media strategy and you don’t have an online recruitment process in place you might not be aware of the latest digital trends and your business is missing out on how to capitalise on them.

To change “I don’t” to “I do” it’s very simple, start by getting your free social media policy guidelines and take it from there.

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LinkedIn profile as a calling card

I’ve to confess that my CV is about ten years out of date. Updating it isn’t a high priority. I guess that’s the case for most people but if we’re honest we all take a look at jobs posts every now and then. It’s interesting to know what you could get paid, or where you could be working, or what else you could be doing.

Most people visit the jobs. section of a company web site and cruise on. For every 100 people that visit between 1 and 3 might submit a CV. That’s 97% stray sheep. Despite all the hard done on the site recruiters have no idea who these transient visitors are.

Part of the problem is that passive candidates, who do visit the site, don’t have a CV handy. What they do have is their LinkedIn profile. Why not leave that as a calling card? Sounds obvious. Yet 99% of sites don’t allow people do it.

Jobvite and some applicant tracking systems do offer this functionality. But there’s still a need for a light weight app that would simply allow visitors to drop their calling card and open a dialogue.

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Ten things a games industry jobs site should be and do

We want playfolio to be the focal point for games jobs and career information worldwide. Here are the ten things we plan to do to make it happen:

1) It’s global.

2) There are no recruitment agencies allowed. We want companies and candidates to connect directly.

3) The UI doesn’t suck. At least we hope it doesn’t.

4) Jobs posts are free to post and view. We may charge for some posts in the future.

5) Candidates should be able to get a good idea of what its like working for the companies recruiting.

6) We use video content. We all watch, as much as read, the Web now.

7) All jobs must be real.

8) We go beyond html. We already have dedicated twitter feeds for each job category. We’ve also got some foundation work done on facebook and LinkedIn integration.

9) We partner with other games related information providers. Check out David Perry‘s blog as an example.

10) We appreciate your help in making this happen.

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How to create a video campaign for $5

We had a marketing budget this month of $5. With that we needed to create and publish a video games job ad for Playfolio.

We wrote the script which was free apart from the time it takes to write a long email. We then found a talented actor (actress or whatever). We found her at which is a site where people will do lots of random things for $5.

The actor(ess) recorded the ad, sent it to us and we uploaded it to YouTube. Tada. We have a video ad live. Total cost $5. We’re within our budget for this month.

By the way, she did say o s i instead of “iOS” but we can forgive that. In a way it kind of adds to the ad.

Thanks for reading. It would be great if you tweeted the line below for us…

Check out this $5 ad campaign –

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Games industry and employee attitudes

We’re going to be running a survey for employees in the games industry. We’ll share the overall results here and we’ll also be able to share benchmarking info for the industry.

What we’re thinking of rolling out is something like the survey at the bottom of this page. Let us know if you’ve any feedback or suggestions before we put it out there in the wild. The branding will be tidied up once we’ve upgraded to the pro account of PollDaddy. The survey should take you less than three minutes.

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Employer branding in the games industry

Employer branding is becoming an increasingly important topic in the games industry. Companies struggle to attract the best talent from a relatively small global gene pool. One of the big differentiators is a company’s employer brand – how active and passive candidates view the company as a prospective employer.

Leading games companies already cross pollinate marketing and HR to get the best results. Take a look at They’ve created a site with about 100 pages of information about working at EA.

Zynga, as you’d expect, have done something similar. One of the differentiators is that Zynga went a step further and created a video showcasing a number of their employees talking about their working lives.

People are tending to “watch” as opposed to read the web more and more (witness the meteoric growth of YouTube!). It shouldn’t be surprising that companies are creating these videos. It’s surprising that most companies don’t.

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David Perry and playfolio jobs

Most of you will know of David Perry as one of the games industry’s leading veterans. Originally from Northern Ireland he made his fame in the US with his games company Shiny Entertainment.

We’re delighted to announce that his popular blog is now hosting a feed of games industry jobs from playfolio.

This is the first time we’ve published our jobs through a third party channel. We’re delighted as this ensures that our jobs get to an even wider audience of games industry professionals worldwide.

Big up to David Perry from all of us at playfolio!

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Linkedin and jobs boards

You might have noticed we added a new feature to over the weekend. When you’re browsing jobs you can now click on the link “See your Linkedin connections” which will, well you know what it will do.

We think it’s going to be useful for because the games industry, even globally, is such a small community.

It’s a new feature so we know there’s going to be room for improvement. If you’ve any feedback we’d love to hear from you.

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